House Dedo Pene is situated near the town square in the centre of Bansko, right next to Sveta Troitsa church yard. With its thoroughly preserved authentic style of olden times and rich history dating back from 1820, nowadays the house offers an array of meals and a shelter in a cosy, folk-style atmosphere.

Dedo Pene House in Bansko Dedo Pene House in Bansko

Inn Dedo Pane has become one of the symbols of Bansko. Parties here are never-ending, leaving you with unforgettable memories of joyful celebrations such as December 8th (Students’ Holiday), New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Gergyovden (the feast of St. Georgi, May 6th), Ivanovden (the feast of the name Ivan, January 7th) and others. Our kitchen offers a diverse choice of nice wine, as well as some local old-recipe meals and a marvelous barbeque.

Dedo Pene House in Bansko

You can enjoy a peaceful stay at the guest house with its cosy, traditional, folk-style rooms which have nevertheless been equipped with all modern conveniences.

Dedo Pene has been designed specially for you, providing supreme quality in the traditional style of Bansko. Open all year round.

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