A number of interesting and curious events take place in the town of Bansko each year. They could further enrich and contribute to your holiday.

Traditional kuker carnival
The carnival is traditionally held on New Year’s Day as the citizens and guests of Bansko gather to see the “scary” masks and dance a traditional Bulgarian horo (national folk dance).

Ski season opening
Traditionally the ski season in Bansko opens in January, but this could happen in December as well. A number of guest musicians and artists from Bulgaria and abroad take part in the opening celebrations and fun.

Folklore fest
In May you can enjoy some authentic Bulgarian folklore at the “Between Three Mountains Fest” in Bansko.

Bansko traditions fests
Bansko traditions fests have been organized for three decades now, being held from 17th to 24th May. You can visit some ethnographic and cultural expositions, as well as some fine and applied arts exhibitions. You can also attend some thematic evenings of authentic Bansko humour, songs, national folk dances and customs. The summer season is opened likewise.

Bansko Jazz Fest
Having been held more than ten times, Bansko Jazz Fest has turned into a sort of tradition and is among the most significant music events in Bulgaria. Music fans can enjoy the performances of world famous jazz musicians. So far the international jazz forum has been attended by artists such as Milcho Leviev, Teodosi Spasov, Freddy Cole, Axel Zwingenberger, Boogie Wolf, Soon Kim and many others. The fest is open-staged at the main square from 8th to 13th August.

Day of Bansko Fest
The Day of Bansko is celebrated on October 5th. On the same date in 1912 in Sveta Troitsa church the Bulgarian poet Yavorov, together with the detachment of the voivode (leader) Hristo Chernopeev, pronounced Bansko free saying:” Bulgarian brothers, throw away your fez (Turkish hats), you shall be free from now on.” The fest is famous for its concerts and celebrations.

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations
Bansko is among the most desirable destinations for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. At that period the whole town turns into a huge fest. Dedo Pene Inn is one of the best celebration and party places.