Cultural sites

The central location of Dedo Pene Guest House makes it a suitable starting point for a town cultural sites tour. Sveta Troitsa church is situated right next to the guest house, and so is the museum complex in the old quarter of Bansko – the museum-houses of Nikola Vaptsarov, Neofit Rilski, Velyanova House (representing some of the 100 Bulgarian national tourist sites), the museum-exposition of the Iconography School of Bansko, and many others.

Remnants of some ancient strongholds can be seen near the town – for instance Staroto Gradishte locality (also called Sitankale) situated 4 km southwest of the town, or Yulen locality at the Damyanitsa river stream. You can visit the remnants of the late medieval churches called St. Georgi and St. Iliya southeast of the town.

The staff of Dedo Pene recommends

  • Sveta Troitsa church
  • Paisiy Hilendarski Temple
  • The clock tower
  • St. Petar and Pavel church
  • St. Georgi church on your way to Dobrinishte
  • Sveta Bogoroditsa Church
  • Neofit Rilski museum-house
  • Nikola Vaptsarov museum-house
  • Velyanova House
  • The permanent icon exhibition of the Artistic School of Bansko
  • The ethnographic exhibition - bazaar
  • The Sunday market

Interesting sites in the region

Kovatchevitsa Kovatchevitsa Kovatchevitsa Rila Monastery Rila Monastery Rila Monastery Rozhen Rozhen Monastery

About 6 km away...
The mineral springs of the settlements of Dobrinishte and Banya are situated about 6 km away

About 7 km away...
A first-class golf course is located in Beletovo locality (Pirin Golf Club)

About 20 km away...
The village of Dobarsko is nested in Rila outskirts. It is famous for its two churches dating back from 1614

About 30 km away...
In the forest slopes of south Rila, 12 km away from the town of Belitsa, a Dancing Bears Re-adaptation Park has been created under the initiative of the foundation of the famous conservationist Brigitte Bardot. The park encompasses a total area of 12 hectares at an altitude of 1200 – 1345 m.

About 60 km away...
Leshten and Kovachevitsa are the villages where the Rodopi Mountains magic can be sensed. The history here is of mixed origins – different religions, traditions and perceptions.

About 90 km away...
One of the oldest and most famous religious centres in the country – the Rila Monastery – is situated nearby. It was set up in the 10th century and is the largest monastery complex in Bulgaria, being also among the most significant monasteries on the Balkan Peninsula.

About 110 km away...
The famous spa town of Sandanski is situated in the region of Pirin. Yet another town full of mineral springs is located on the borderline of the mountains Rodopi and Pirin – the town of Velingrad

About 130 km away...
The smallest Bulgarian town of Melnik is situated in the south mountain foot. Melnik has been pronounced a museum-town. Nested between the dreamy Pyramids of Melnik (a natural phenomenon and protected site), for centuries on end Melnik has provided the best environment for growing the famous Melnik grapevine which, when ripe, is used for producing one-of-a-kind red wine. Eastwards of Melnik, the Rozhen Monastery, a cradle for the Bulgarian spirituality, is situated.