Dedo Pene Inn is among the best dining and entertaining places for Bansko guests. Making a reservation beforehand is advisory but accommodation will be provided for you nonetheless. Open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Dedo Pene Inn Dedo Pene Inn

The typically Balkan-style atmosphere is further enriched by the numerous original objects bearing the sense of historical reality and intransitivity. With its niches, safes and burning-fire herds, the regionally typical interior provides the tavern with the snugness of Bulgarian traditions.

Live music performances of authentic Bulgarian folklore further contribute to ensuring a first class service.

Dedo Pene Inn Dedo Pene Inn

The inn kitchen offers regionally traditional, home-recipe dishes of olden times: kapama, chomlek, sudzhuk, karvavitsa, as well as the local dry speciality – Banski stratets (babichka). Meat slices prepared on hot slab surface and appetisers made upon herd charcoal ember are also fresh and palatable. If you are willing to try the local specialities, Dedo Pene Inn is the right place to go – here you will also be given the original recipes! Do try the house wine as well – the merlot of Dedo Pene.

Dedo Pene's Merlot

The tavern offers an array of wines. Here you will find only the topmost quality wine from the best wine producing regions in Bulgaria and abroad. Exclusively for the guests of Dedo Pene, there is a special surprise – the unique merlot of Dedo Pene which currently cannot be found on the market.

Dedo Pene Inn

The Inn is the ideal place for holiday celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and name-days, as well as New Year’s Eves. At Dedo Pene you can make a reservation in advance and arrange a menu of your own choice for yourself and your guests. During major town events such as the ski season opening, the students’ holiday, New Year’s Eve, etc., the inn is usually fully booked as reservations are made months beforehand, so do not put yours off – the staff of Dedo Pene Inn is expecting you!

The tavern has a total of 140 seats – 100 outdoors and 40 indoors:

  • 70 seats in Hall 1 (open all year round)
  • 30 seats in Hall 2 (open during the winter season)
  • 40 seats outdoors (in the barbeque inner yard when the weather is nice)
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